Management of Fabrik

In case you missed the press release that was distributed today, we are excited to announce that Media A-Team will be stepping into the management role for the day-to-day operations of the Fabrik open source project. We have been long time user and supporters of Fabrik and are excited for this opportunity to take the project forward by adding more hands on deck.

Hugh Messenger will still be a full-time Fabrik guru, and Rob Clayburn, the original project developer, will still be connected to the project in a consultant and developer role. Also, the much appreciated core of Fabrik contributors are still making commits everyday.

In the near future we will be rolling out a fresh new look and have many goals for the future of Fabrik, such as enhanced support, more robust documentation and tutorials, and professional plugins. We also plan on being more visible at Joomla! and PHP events, so stop by and say hi if you see us in the community.

If you haven't used Fabrik in a while, we highly encourage you to download the latest version and take it for a spin. If you are an active Fabrik user, please get involved on the < href="" target="_blank">forums.

You can read the press release here.

To learn more about Fabrik or to download a copy, visit